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The Food of Hell from Indonesia - An Identification

Hello people! This post is a task to identify descriptive text.

  1. Analyze the text for its identification and general description in your blog!
Famous as one of the best tropical countries, Indonesia provides tons of uniqueness and excitement. Its nature, culture, and art always bring millions of tourist each year. However, this time we are going to talk about one thing, Indonesia’s cuisine, in particular Sambal.

Sambal or sambel is infamous among tourist as the food of hell for its undeniable ability to make the consumer produces tears and sweat when eating. Produced using chili as its main ingredient, sambal is indeed taste extremely spicy.

Sambal is made by grinding ‘cabai’ or chili, along with several complements such as onion, bell pepper,  tomato, ‘terasi’, sugar, and salt. The ingredients are grinded using traditional tool made usually from wood. The texture is smooth with a vibrant color of green and red, depending on which chili you use.

Infamous among tourists for its spiciness, many tourists avoid it. However, some of them are challenged and try to eat it. Those who dare to try usually will get stomach ache or turn very red and sweaty in the face. Though super spicy, locals eat it in almost daily basis as their main meal.

2. Do you think all of the information in the text is true and correct? If not, find any incorrect information about the topic in the text!

No, not all information are true. Here are the false informations:
  • Sambal is made with bell pepper (first sentence, third paragraph). While on some occasions people do use bell pepper for sambal, it is uncommon since bell pepper is expensive.
  • The ingredients are grinded using a traditional tool made from wood (second sentence, third paragraph). The ingredients for sambal are traditionally grinded using cobek, which is made from solid rock. However, there are cobek made from wood, but again, it's uncommon.
  • Sambal is a main meal (fourth sentence, fourth paragraph). No one eat sambal only for their meal, it's like saying ketchup is great for lunch. Wikipedia stated that a main meal is the heaviest and complex dish on the menu, usually meat, fish, or rice. Sambal is more of a condiments than a main meal.
3. Develop the text by adding extra information. You can search in Google as source. Don’t forget to highlight the added information using any color that you like.

Food as Hot as Hell, Sambal
Famous as one of the best tropical countries, Indonesia provides tons of uniqueness and excitement. Its nature, culture, and art always bring millions of tourist each year. Since there are so many of unique things on Indonesia, we can't talk about all about them, in this one article, unfortunately. We are just gonna talk about one particular food that is iconic due to its spicy nature, Sambal.
Sambal or sambel is infamous among tourist as the food of hell for its undeniable ability to make the consumer produces tears and sweat when eating. Produced using chili as its main ingredient, sambal is indeed taste extremely spicy because it contains a component called capcaisin.
Sambal is made by grinding ‘cabai’ or chili, along with several complements such as onion, tomato, sugar, and salt. There are some addition ingredients for sambal that people use such as bell pepper, terasi, and many more. The ingredients are grinded using traditional tool made usually from solid rock. The texture is smooth with a vibrant color of green or red, depending on which chili you use.
The spiciness of a sambal depends on the kinds of chili you used and the amount of each ingredients. There are chili that has more capcaisin than others, such as huyung chili, so if it's used for sambal, it's gonna be very spicy. But if you want to make it less spicy, you can use more tomatoes on your sambal so that it's gonna be sweeter.
Infamous among tourists for its spiciness, some tourists avoid it. However, many of them are challenged and try to eat it. There are various reactions from those that try this food, some are surprised that it isn't as spicy as it seems, but others can have stomachache because it's too hot for their tongue to handle. Locals eat sambal in daily basis for condiments.

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Lorde, Young but Talented Pop Singer

Hello people! As many people do, I have a lot of idols, such as Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett, and many more. And now, I would like to tell you about my favorite female artist, Lorde.


Lorde, or Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor was born on November 7, 1996 in Takapuna, New Zealand. She was the daughter of poet Sonja Yelich and civil engineer Vic O'Connor. She was raised in Auckland when she was a child alongside with her sisters, Jerry and India, and her brother named Angelo.

When she was 5 years old, Lorde joined a drama club because of her friends and eventually, she discovered the love for acting and singing. She also quickly developed public speaking skill, which is amazing for someone that age, honestly. Her mother then encouraged her to read books, and she did. At age 14, she was able to proofread her master's thesis. What is proofreading, you ask? Well, it's basically detecting and correcting errors on a publication. It might sounds easy, but proofreading a thesis need a lot of patience because, well, thesis is a really long publication. That's why many people hire a professional proofreader to proofread their thesis, so considering that Lorde was only 14 and already trusted to do this task is fascinating.

Smol Lorde

Ah, anyway, back on track. Lorde attended Belmont Intermediate School, where she and her friends participated in a school's band contest back in 2009 and won. Apparently, her friend's father was so impressed with Lorde that he sent out recordings of Lorde's cover of Duffy's Warwick Avenue to various talent scouts. One talent scout named Scout Maclachlan saw it and signed her on Universal NZ when she was only 13. She accepted it but unfortunately, she wasn't successful. So, Maclachlan thought, "Hmm, maybe she need a production assistant or something..." Later, he hired Joel Little to pair up with Lorde as writers and they really "clicked" with each other. Within a week, they wrote three songs, including the huge hit Royals.

The Love Club EP's cover

Lorde's debut EP (for those who don't know, EP is basically musical recording that contains more songs than singles, but not enough to be called an album) called The Love Club was released on November 2012 in Soundcloud for free. Eventually it got over 60,000 downloads and the recording company decided to "stop" putting it only for free online and release it officially. A CEO named Jason Flom knew about this EP and decided to ask Lorde to sign for his label. She agreed, and well, this is the beginning of a success.

And we'll never be royals...

In March 2013, The Love Club was released officially on digital, and on CD in May 2013. It contained 5 songs including Royals, which was later released on June 3, 2013. It was a massive hit! I remember hearing it all over the radio. At the time when I was writing this, the video got 687 million views on Youtube, which is impressive for a debut single. It got a lot of praise from mainstream audiences, as the song climbed to the top spot on Billboards Top 100. It also got on Top 40 on many countries such as Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand, obviously. She became the first New Zealand solo act to reach #1 on Billboards and the youngest one as well since 1987. As of December 2017, this song has sold 10 million copies worldwide and certified Diamond. Many critics praised Royals for its minimalistic production and lyrics. She became really famous after this point, as she performed in many television shows such as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and New Zealand Music Awards 2013. Because of this success, Lorde released Pure Heroine, a full studio album on September 27, 2013 and release 3 new singles: Tennis Court, Team, and Glory and Gore. She was later featured on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack with her cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World. She was also featured again on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Soundtrack on a song that she wrote this time, Yellow Flicker Beat, in 2014.

I'll be the beauty queen in tears

She was nominated on 4 categories on 2014's Grammy Awards, which are Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance for Royals and Best Pop Vocal Album on Pure Heroine. She won two of them, which were Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. She became the third youngest winner on Grammy history (keep in mind that she was only 17 at this time), the youngest winner from New Zealand, and the youngest person to be nominated in Record of the Year. After all these success, her popularity began to decreased in mainstream's eyes because there were no new music from her... yet.

Did Lorde quit music forever? :'(

Okay, about the second album. Lorde revealed back in December 2013 that she was writing a new album that sounds really different from Pure Heroine. Naturally, fans got excited. But, there's not really anymore news about the new album. Lorde became really quite, fans' patience was challenged and comments about the new album's hype was scattered around YouTube. Some stayed positive that it'll be released eventually, but another gave up because it seems like the album was cancelled forever. I was also one of the fans who waited for Lorde's comeback, the pessimist one. I thought the second album talk was to cheer up fans so that they stayed for her.


Suddenly, out of the blue, Lorde released her new single Green Light! Well, not really out of the blue, since her recording company teased it back in February. It was also teased on a New Zealand ad, revealing a date which was "3.2.17" . On March 2, 2017,  Lorde officially released her comeback single Green Light, and the reception was... mixed. Some fans absolutely loved it and another didn't because it was really different from the old Lorde.. in a bad way. I was the one who didn't like it very much and was disappointed with this single, honestly. But that's not important! She also revealed that her new album was called Melodrama and would be released on June 16. And fans got hyped! Finally it was confirmed.


Before Melodrama was released, she released 3 songs again, which were Liability, Sober, and Perfect Places. After that, the day finally came. June 16! Melodrama was officially released, and the reception were actually great! I, myself, loved it as well, I loved nearly all the songs on the album except for, ironically Green Light and Perfect Places, the lead singles of Melodrama. It debuted at number 1 on New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and USA. It received 91 on Metacritic, 8.8 on Pitchfork, and NME placed it as 2017 Album of the Year. It also received 1 Grammy nomination (kinda disappointing considering how good the album was) which was Album of the Year. She was the only female who were nominated on this category, competing with Kendrick Lamar's DAMN., Childish Gambino's Awaken, My Love!, Jay Z's 4:44, and Bruno Mars' 24K Magic. Bruno Mars won of course since he was the most popular out of these nominations (kinda sad) but I'm still happy with the fact that Melodrama was nominated.

Cute Lorde!

So.. that was Lorde's journey. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you can see why I love Lorde so much. She really is a hardworker and an inspiration! Even though she failed in the beginning, she didn't give up and eventually, she became a praised pop artist. And the fact that she's still 22 blew my mind, her discography were really great! I really hope that Lorde will continue to evolve as an artist in the future since she has a lot of potential. Even David Bowie said that she is the future of music. I'm really sorry for some mistakes on this article, see you later!
1. Who is Lorde's real name?
Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor
2. What was the title for her first EP?
The Love Club
3. What was the title of her debut single?
4. When did she start to write her new second album?
December 2013
5. Was Melodrama nominated in Grammy Awards? On what category?
Yes, it was for Album of the Year

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Axolotl, The Cutest Amphibia Ever

Hello readers! Today I'm, going to show you the best and the cutest amphibia in the world (at least in my own opinion) and that is..... Axolotl. What a cute yet confusing name, right? And now I'm going to explain to you every single bit Axolotl information that I could find.

It looks dumb. I love it

General Description
Axolotl (latin: Ambystoma mexicanum), also known as Mexican Salamander or Mexican Walking Fish, is a neotenic salamander, closely related to Tiger Salamander. Don't let the name "walking fish" fools you, because this is NOT a fish. Axolotl is an amphibia, as I said clearly in the title. This creature was originated in Mexico, obviously. It was found in Lake Xochimilco and Chalco, Mexico City. The name originated from the Aztecs, "atl" means water and "xolotl" means monster. So, literally Axolotl means "water monster". What an edgy name for such a cute creature! Here is the scientific classification for Axolotl.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Cordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Urodela
Family: Ambystomadiae
Genus: Ambystoma
Species: Ambystoma mexicanum

Physical Description
The length of Axolotl can reach about 30 centimeters (12 inches), although the average length is 23 cm. The mass range is about 60 to 110 g. Axolotl's most notable physical feature is its gills, which protrude from the back of its wide head and remain there throughout adulthood. Its legs are short. It has four fingers on each of its front legs and five toes on each of its back legs. In the wild, its coloration is dark, but an albino variety has been bred in captivity. 
Original Axolotl (the dark one) and its albino cousin (the white one)

Axolotl is found in freshwater, especially lakes and ponds. However, it's only found in Mexico, specifically Lake Xochimilco. "But what about Lake Chilco?" you asked yourself. Yes, it was found in this lake as well, however, Lake Chalco no longer exists as it was artificially drained to avoid periodic flooding. The water temperature in Xochimilco rarely rises above 20 °C (68 °F), though it may fall to 6 to 7 °C in the winter, and perhaps lower. The average elevation of its habitat is 2290 m.

Axolotls are carnivores, implying they require a meat-based diet. They have rather rudimentary teeth, designed for gripping rather than biting or tearing. As a result, their food is generally swallowed whole, so anything they want to eat must fit into their mouths. They mostly eat earthworms, bloodworms, and blackworms. They are all very nutritious. If you keep Axolotl as a pet, you can also give them dried food such as soft salmon diet pellets. 


Axolotl's life cycle is neotenic/paedomorphic, which means that it retains larval characteristics in the reproductively mature adult form. Juvenile and adult axolotls possess feathery, external gills and tail fins suited to an aquatic lifestyle. Metamorphosis can be induced in axolotls via thyroid hormone injections. In the wild, axolotls rarely, if ever, metamorphose.

Axolotl eggs

Here's how axolotls mate. It first involves each animal nudging the other's cloacal region, eventually leading to a "waltz," with both animals moving in a circle. Next, the male moves away while undulating the posterior part of his body and tail (resembling a "hula dance"), and the female follows. The male will deposit a spermatophore (a cone-shaped jelly mass with a sperm cap) by vigorously shaking his tail for about half a minute, and will then move forward one body length. The female then moves over the spermatophore, also shaking her tail, and picks up the spermatophore with her cloaca. Eggs are surrounded by a protective jelly coat and are laid singly, unlike frog eggs (which are laid in clumped masses), because they possess higher oxygen requirements. They are often attached to substrates such as rocks or floating vegetation.

The picture above is a life cycle of an Axolotl. An axolotl has five stages in its life, not including death. Stage 1 is the embryo, which measures about 2 mm in diameter, and also the surrounding layers of jelly. Stage 2 is the embryo right before it hatches. In the second stage, the embryo is 11 mm in diameter. Stage 3 is the young larva before it has grown any limbs.  An axolotls skin tends to be very thin and see-through when it is a larva for their first few weeks of life, or until the skin has thickened, so the organs are quite visible. After about two weeks, the larva reaches stage 4. Like other salamanders and unlike other frogs, the front legs come in first and the back legs develop second. At stage 5 the axolotl is a miniature adult.  Axolotl stay in stage 5 for the rest of their lives until they die. 

Axolotls breed once every year or anually. They mostly breed on March to June. The eggs hatch around 10 to 14 days. The average axolotls can start breeding when they are 1 years old.

Lifespan and Behaviour
Averagely, Axolotl can live 5 to 6 years old on wild, however they can live up to 6 years if they're on captive. Axolotls are nocturnal, which means they are active on the night. They communicate mainly by chemical cues and visual cues. They mostly communicate when mating. Other than that, they rarely communicate to each other. To detect prey and learn about their environment, axolotls can detect electrical fields and use chemical cues.

A diagram about axolotl's regeneration

Axolotls are often called "master of regeneration". I mean, most salamanders can, however, Axolotls are one of a kind. It can regenerate multiple structures like limbs, jaws, tail, spinal cord, skin and more without evidence of scarring throughout their lives. Axolotls can even receive transplanted organs from other individuals and accept them without rejection. You can cut the spinal cord, crush it, remove a segment, and it will regenerate. You can cut the limbs at any level - the wrist, the elbow, the upper arm - and it will regenerate, and it's perfect. There is nothing missing, there's no scarring on the skin at the site of amputation, every tissue is replaced. They can regenerate the same limb 50, 60, 100 times. And every time: perfect. Amazing, isn't it? As if that isn't incredible enough, the axolotl is also over 1,000 times more resistant to cancer than mammals. According to Professor Stephan Roy along with his team, here's how it works. One of the first steps that occur in the regenerative pathway after amputation is the process known as the de-differentiation of cells. These cells then create a structure known as a blastema, which is a rounded cover on the wound where the newly de-differentiated cells congregate. This structure then develops into a fully functional limb, with no sign of the previous damage. What a great creature! Professor Roy also stated that he and his team hoped that this regeneration mechanism can apply to a human. Possible, but maybe not now since the technology is limited.

Conversation Status
As I mentioned before, one of the natural habitat of Axolotls is gone, which is Lake Chilco. It was drained artificially. Lake Xochimilco isn't much better either since currently it's just swamp and scattering canals. Due to this condition, Axolotls are classified as critically endangered. The number of Axolotl’s has been dramatically decreased over the past 20 years, there is only approximately an average of 700-1200 axolotl’s left in the wild! The main cause for this is the Axolotls decreasing habitat and introduced predators such as carp and tilapia dominating the little area they have left. Ever since these predators have been introduced to the lakes of Mexico the axolotls immediately began to struggle as it was being too heavily hunted upon. We can save axolotls by making canals so that they are save from predators or kept them as pet, which is perfectly legal.
Axolotls are considered critically endangered by scientists. The number of Axolotl’s has been dramatically decreased over the past 20 years, there is only approximately an average of 700-1200 axolotl’s left in the wild! The main cause for this is the Axolotls decreasing habitat and introduced predators such as carp and tilapia dominating the little area they have left. Ever since these predators have been introduced to the lakes of Mexico the axolotls immediately began to struggle as it was being too heavily hunted upon. Also, just a reminder that Lake Chilco is gone because it was drained artificially, and Lake Xicomilcho is nothing but swamps and scattering canals nowadays. You can save axolotls by building canals for them so that they are safe from predators or keep them as a pet because it's perfectly legal and they make a good pet!


And that concludes the story of axolotls. A very cute and unique amphibia. I hope you can gain one or two information about axolotls after reading this post! See you later!
1. What is the latin name of Axolotl?
Ambystoma mexicana.
2. Where can we found axolotl in the wild?
In Lake Chilco and Lake Xochimilco, Mexico City.
3. What does the term "axolotl" literally means?
Water monster.
4. How many breed of axolotl exist in the world?
2 breeds, which are the black one and the albino one.
5. Why is axolotl considered critically endangered?
Because their habitats are missing so predators such as tilapia and carp are able to hunt them easily.

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My Holiday

Hello readers! To celebrate the end of a semester, all students in the world are given holiday which range in many school. SMAN 3 were given 2 weeks of holiday, starting from December 15 to January 2. If you ask me, that is way too short! I was stressed enough with the subject of this semester (looking at you, science math and physics) and the government only gave my school 2 weeks?? But I'm not here to complain, I'm here to tell you about what I spent on my holiday, because boy, there were a lot. I spent 12 days on my dad's workplace and 5 days on my home. I will divide my story into section, based on day of the holiday. Well, except for days where I have nothing to say, I'll probably skip it. I know nobody cares but I am the owner of this blog so screw you and eat my garbage post.

Day 1-4
Me and my mom went to Surabaya by plane from Husein Sastranegara airport. The airport was so different from the last time I visited there. It was way more modern and I appreciate it.
Inside Husein Sastranagara
The seat in front of me

I used to love riding planes, but now I just can't stop being anxious! What if the plane that I ride fall on the sea? What if it fall on a mountain? What if it magically disappear like MH370? Not to mention that there was this old man in front of me that kept using Whatsapp with his mobile data on, minutes before take off despite the clear stewardess' warning about not to turn on phone on the plane. Thanks for burning the fuel of my anxiety, old man. And I think that man still used Whatsapp during the flight with mobile data! I would yell at him if I were a brave young lady. Thankfully nothing happened outside of minor turbulence due to bad weather.

Juanda Airport

After arriving on Surabaya we went to a hotel and stayed there for 2 nights. Nothing happened beside the fact that I took many baths. This act was inspired by Murdoc on Saturnz Barz in which he took a bath in a bottomless black puddle. Just kidding, I took many baths because I like it. It's human nature, I guess?

I'm not gonna say that old meme

On day 3, we visited Tunjungan Plaza to spend time, waiting for my brother to arrive in Surabaya. That mall is the biggest mall on Asia. To be honest.... I wasn't impressed. I mean it was huge and all but the content was so-so. At least in my opinion.  Around 7 PM my brother arrived and we went to Juanda airport. After that, we went to Tuban which is my dad's workplace. The next day, nothing happened, yay.
Watching Monster Inc

Day 5
I went to many Wali Songo's grave this day. Well, by much I mean two, which were Sunan Drajat and Sunan Giri. The first one we visited were Sunan Drajat because it is located in Lamongan, which was closer from Tuban. Unfortunately, photo taking were prohibited so I didn't have any photos, but I remember seeing tombstones on the floor. Not soil, but ceramics floors. On the second floor. I just thought that was kinda weird and unusual. Ah, anyway, we went to a famous restaurant on Lamongan which serve Soto Lamongan. Too bad that my appetite went down due to a stomachache. I blame myself for eating 2 pack of instant noodles on the day before..... so I'm not sure if it tasted good or not. After that, we went to Sunan Giri, which is located on Gresik. Too bad that I had a stomachache so I didn't visit it. I just stayed on the car and slept to cope my sickness. Then we went to Tuban again.

Day 6
In this day, we traveled around Tuban. It had a lot of interesting sites, such as Perut Bumi. Perut Bumi itself was a pesantren. It was called "Perut Bumi" because it was located underground. I mean, not centre-of-the-earth underground, but it was still a quite unusual place for a pesantren. Anyway, it is currently used for mosque and tourism. Inside there were a lot of pretty neon lights (seriously, this place could be mistaken for some kind of amusement ride on Dufan). There were a lot of people inside and considering that this was built underground, it was pretty hot down there. Also I'd like to note that this place didn't have an ordinary rock for its roof, it had stalagmites, and it was cool and pretty. Too bad that taking pictures inside was prohibited yet again.

Perut Bumi Mosque

Then, we went to the famous Kwan Sing Bio temple. And it was gorgeous! It looks like a temple we've seen on movies! There were a lot of dioramas and reliefs. There were also a beautiful pond inside, along with an amazing buildings behind it. Oh and there were this giant statue and it looks really cool, I applaud the sculptures very much. When I was there, I felt like I were on China or something. No wonder why many people visited it.
Awesome giant statue
What a gorgeous temple!

Day 7
We went to Surabaya to visit many places, such as Sunan Ampel's grave. It is located on Surabaya. The thing I remember the most was that the place had soo much cats. I found 5 cats in total. I mean, yea, it wasn't much for some people but whatever. Anyway, Sunan Ampel's grave had quite an unique rules, at least for Wali Songo's grave. I think it was the only grave that prohibit people to visit it 10 minutes before adzan, because Muslims must pray on time. I think that rule was brilliant. Sholat on the grave was prohibited as well because according to Qur'an that act is considered to be musyrik.

After that we had lunch with 2 of my cousins that studied in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November. That reminded me of what major should I choose in the future....... ah it's confusing. After that, we visited ITS as well since the restaurant we went in was near the campus, and it was neat and huge! I really enjoy the environment.
ITS from the outside

Day 8-9
We went to Surabaya, again... but this time we booked a hotel. The reason why we visited it was because my father suddenly has a work appointment or something. Actually, my mother was the one who was invited, but whatever, I didn't know the full story.Due to traffic jams, we arrived on Surabaya quite late than our expectations and stayed on hotel until night which was when the event began. My mother went to the event and me, my brother, and my father traveled around Surabaya until the event ended. First, we went to Tunjungan Plaza again but that didn't take long. Then, we went to a restaurant that I forgot the name, ugh! My memory was horrible! On that place I ate Javanese noodle.  My brother and father drank Wedang Ronde, which was like Sekoteng but it had mochi inside of it. Since I hate Sekoteng.... yea you know my opinion about the drink. But the mochi thing was pretty good.
Javanese Noodle

Wedang Ronde

The next day, we visited Madura. And of course, we used Suramadu Bridge to go across the island. It was like an ordinary bridge except that there were sea under the bridge, obviously. I wish I could take a picture of the sea, but stopping anywhere near the bridge is strictly forbidden for good reason. But I did take a picture of the bridge while we were driving.
Suramadu Bridge

We visited a place called Pote Cave, and we were scammed. At least from my perspective. First, we must pay Rp 10.000 for entrance. Sounds fair, right? But no, after 1 km we must pay again for some reason? Then, after arriving in the middle of Pote Cave, we paid Rp 10.000 again for no reason at all! Then, to visit the amusement part of Pote Cave, we paid Rp 20.000! Didn't they get a lot of money already from the previous payment? Why pay multiple times? Ugh, this place left a bad taste on my mouth already before visiting it. The cave was... good. Again, I was quite pissed off by previous incident so this place was kinda cursed to me.

Pote Cave
I want to ride it, but the pond was small so there was no point tbh

Day 10
We traveled around Tuban again, but this time we didn't visit anything. Too bad that I fell asleep so I didn't remember anything! I didn't sleep well last night. Well, nothing interesting happened.

Day 11-12
Since we went home with train on the morning, we stayed on Surabaya the day before. We  stayed on Sahid Hotel, and I'm not holding back on this, but this was probably the worst hotel I've visited. I know this isn't a hotel review site but I'm just warning you all to not stay on that hotel, ever. Unless you don't have any choices. Anyway, there were a yellow spot on my pillow and it looked like either a mushroom or an earwax. Ugghh it was gross. There were also weird black spot on the towel as well! Overall I hated staying on that hotel and I wanted to leave as fast as possible.

The next day we went to Gubeng Station which wasn't far from the hotel (the only reason why we stayed on that hotel...) and we rode the train for 12 hours. Yeah, Bandung and Surabaya was really far. Around 600 km I believe.
Horrible picture that I took on the train

Day 13-17
Well, nothing much happened. I played The Sims 3, fangirling over Blur (especially Graham Coxon, what a cute bloke), and yeah that's about it. Lately I've been addicted to Blur because... something happened. No, I didn't meet them, although I wish I had, but it was quite a shocking event in my life. And Blur is just... so good. I love their songs and they were and still are very cute and handsome. Oh and I recently bought The Magic Whip, which was their newest album and it was great. I bought it before holiday, actually, and I've been listening to it ever since. My favorite songs are probably New World Towers and I Broadcast. A very different songs but I love them regardless. Why am I talking about Blur again? Ughhh someone please stop my fangirling!
What am I doing with my life

The Magic Whip and Milky!

Can you guess which one is which?

And... that's the end of my holiday. On January 2 I will be greeted by the one and only science math... *sigh*. Thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it. What's your holiday like? Don't be afraid to left a comment below! Anyway, I'd like to end this post with my all time favorite Blur song, highly recommended! See you!

Alif's Promotion

Alif's Promotion
An English Narrative Assignment

It was Monday. Alif was preparing himself for work. He worked on a company called PT Blur ID, which was a company for food packaging. After dressing up, he went downstairs to meet his family. "Honey, I don't know why, but I feel so passionate today! It's like I'm on literal fire! But good fire. Does that make sense?" His wife smiled and replied, "Ah, maybe it's because of this letter? Have you read it?" she gave him a torn letter. "What's that smile all about? Is this another prank of yours?" "Oh just shut up and read it, you fool." He followed her instructions.

Dear Alif Rowntree,
Due to your dedication for your company, we decided that it is best to promote you as the new director of PT Blur ID. Congratulations! We hope that you will continue your great work.

Graham Coxon

Alif teared up. No, this time it wasn't a joke. The signature was very real. It was really the signature of his boss Graham Coxon. "This is so surreal. I-I mean, it c-can't be!" Alif stuttered. "Honey, congratulations! I'm so happy for you!" she immediately hugged him. "Now come, eat this pancake and go to work. We're gonna celebrate tonight! I will cook your favorite goopy carbonara!"

After he arrived to work, he noticed that there were a crowd in the parking lot. He investigated and found out that the crowd were his work friends. "What are you all doing here? Shouldn't we all work?" Alif asked. "It's not work time yet, Alif. Hurry, absent is on there! We already got permission from Mr. Coxon anyway!" Ivan shouted at him. He hurrily absent in case he forgot, and returned to his friends. "Why are you guys on the parking lot anyway?"


Alif was shocked once again. His friends already knew that he was promoted! The news sure spread fast. He couldn't believe this sight. "Come here, Mr. Director!" said Ivan with humorous tone.

"Alif, congratulations. You deserved it, man." said Samuel. Alif smiled at him and replied, "Thank you very much. This is because you always help me." He sure was a very humble person. Sinta came over Alif as well and said, "I'm very happy for you, Alif! Now that you are the director of the company, I believe the company will develop even faster." Alif smiled due to her compliment, and happily replied, "Thank you. I can't forget your collaboration with me, and I will still need your help." Others followed to praise him as well, since he is the right man for this job. They also wished him luck and shook his hand. "You must be very proud of your achievement!" Ivan said. "Thanks, but I still have to learn a lot." he replied with generous tone. His staffs congratulated him as well. "Now let's eat lunch together for Alif!" Samuel shout, and it was replied with cheers from everyone.
Author's note:
Hi guys, I'm in a Blur mood lately so that explains why I put some Blur reference, haha.

The cutest milk box ever

Sabtu, 09 Desember 2017


So, I just watched Coco and UGH IT WAS SO EMOTIONAL AND MADE ME CRY A LOT. Unfortunately, I didn't watch it theater because I didn't have anyone to bring. And I feel really bad because this film deserves my money. Although...... Olaf's Frozen Adventure.... no thanks.

Coco's Poster

Before I talk about Coco, let's talk about Olaf's Frozen Adventure because wow, it sure got a lot of backlash. In Mexico, the short was taken off the theater after only 1 week screening because so many people complained about it. In US, the short was taken down as well starting from December 8, however Disney claimed that it was taken down because "Olaf's Frozen Adventure was meant to get limited release and it ends on December 8". Even though in the trailer they never stated that the "short" would stop showing on theater on that date. Disney pretty much refused to accept the fact that Frozen's hype is dying.
You're horrible Olaf go away

So what's wrong with Olaf's Frozen Adventure? Well, the "short" was 21 MINUTES LONG. I heard there were a commercial break as well, which made Coco started playing after 45 minutes. Just wow. Olaf's Frozen Adventure was planned to be aired on ABC at first, but Disney didn't see any potential with Coco (is this because none of the cast are white? Hmm Disney) so they decided to play it before the movie. If it were played on ABC I doubt it would get as many hate as now, but usually short before movie are usually only lasted for 5-7 minutes so audience don't really mind it. 21 minutes is just... too much.

PARAGRAPHS BELOW CONTAINS SPOILER! All text filled with black background are very "spoily" so beware.

Okay, enough complaining, now let's talk about the actual movie. Miguel is a music-loving boy in a family where music is forbidden. Why? His great great grandfather abandoned his family because he wanted to be a musician. Her wife was very mad and decided to ban music from her family. After some argument with his family, Miguel thought "I've had it with this crap, I'm just gonna abandon my family brb" and left. He went to his alleged great great grandfather De La Cruz's grave, a loved Mexican musician, and used his guitar because his family destroyed his. Apparently, that guitar sent him into Land of the Dead where all dead people live. And a great adventure ensue....

Reminded me of that one scene in Kubo and the Two Strings idk

First of all, I LOVE the skeletons' design. When I watched the trailer, I thought they looked weird but in the movie they looked so much better for some reason. Their movement are different from human, it was... boney? I don't know, but it's really unique. I also love how similar the skeleton are to them as a living person. The character designer made sure every single skeleton are different, just like how they design human. I really adore it.

De La Cruz comparison

The characters themselves are very lovable and memorable. Miguel acted like a normal kid would act. Sometimes selfish but not evil. There's this character named Hector who started out as a bit of a jerk and manuplative but once you knew his history, you will understand why he acted that way. Yeah... family and such. Not gonna spoil it. Speaking of motives, remember when I said that Miguel's family hated music? It's not there just because the movie needed conflict, there's a reason. You see, Miguel's family really respected the whole 'family culture'. They kept photos of all of their main family for Dia de los Muertos (which I'll explain later) because they want them to keep remember their family. Well... except for Miguel's great great grandfather because he was the man who broke the culture. He left his own wife named Imelda with a baby just to reach his own personal goal, and never returned. Music was the one who broke the family. It left Imelda to struggle raising a child alone.
angery Imelda

I adore how much the crew did their research of Mexican culture. They actually went to Mexico for making this movie. The village Miguel lived in looks very Mexican and it was just gorgeous. The design of The Land of the Dead was great as well. There was lights everywhere and it looks mesmerizing. And for Dia de los Muertos, they explained it very well. Like, at first I thought that holiday was Mexican halloween or something, but it's actually about family. You see, families put up their deceased one's photo for a sign that they remember them. In Dia de los Muertos, they will visit The Land of the Living as long as there someone who still remember them. And if no one in real life remember who they are in the real world, they will permanently die (to avoid overpopulation). I never knew that in my whole life before this movie! I feel bad for thinking that the sugar skull makeup was just random makeup trend, but it's actually symbolize how much a family should remember each other even if they already passed away.
Yes, Coco is actually the old lady and not the boy

As much as I love Coco, yeah, it still has some flaws, although it doesn't bother me much. There's a lot of cliches, such as the music contest that the protagonist wanted to join but couldn't and final concert. There's also the Disney villain twist thing that got very old at this point, but in this movie I have to give credit that in this one it worked much better than in other movie. Seriously, I didn't expect the villain was actually a murderer just to steal someone's fame. Also this is completely unrelated but Hector in real life is.... quite attactive. Remember in my Motorcity first impression that I have a thing for tall and skinny nerd? Yeah, he's pretty much like that when he lived. His skeleton form though, he looks like a hobo! I'm disappointed. But whatever, he reminds me of the guy from Paperman. I love them both. I'm such a creep AGH.

Hector as a skeleton which is not attaractive at all 0/10 go back

Overall, Coco is a highly recommended movie. It's currently my favorite Pixar movie! You should watch it in theater immediately. Don't be like me. Thank you for reading, see ya!