Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017


   I have a severe katsaridaphobia. Sounds fancy, right? Well, it's actually a phobia that I'm sure most people have. It's a fear of cockroaches. It's really hard to explain why I feared cockroaches so much. Their body shapes are just so bizarre and disgusting, not to mention the trail of bacteria they left whenever they walk. I hate them so much and I really want to kill all cockroaches in this planet. But apparently, cockroach is one of the most powerful insects in the world. They can survive nuclear apocalypse! So it's pretty much impossible to do some kind of cockroach genocide or something. Anyway, I have this traumatic experience that I will never forget. It's related with cockroaches, so prepare to be disgusted.

   It was 1 AM. I was asleep and still dreaming. But my dream was faded into black when I felt some kind of creature crawling on my body. I was half conscious at that time, so I thought it was just some kind of "hallucination". I swept those "crawling feelings" away. Strangely, it always came back. When that feeling came back in the third time, I opened my eyes and I was extremely shocked by what I saw.


It crawled on my body.

   I immediately jumped from my bed and shivers in fear. It seems like I just saw some spooky ghost, even though in reality it's just a bug. I searched for Baygon in my room, but I can't find it anywhere. I panicked, the only weapon that I can use to attack those horrible creatures wasn't available on my eyesight. Meanwhile, the cockroach kept crawling on my bed. My breath was shortened. It felt like I was having a severe panic attack. And what makes it worse is that the cockroach was getting closer to me. I screamed in fear, it was an immediate reflex.

Then I saw the thing that I needed the most above my cupboard.


   I hurrily grab that bug-killing bottle and spray it on the cockroach. The cockroach responded by running so fast to every corner. I sprayed it again and again, almost to the point where I could be poisoned. But what did the cockroach do?

It flew.

   Flying cockroach was one of the most spookiest thing I have every witness. I was so desperate, I need someone's help to kill that bug, so I immediately opened my door and ran away and kept screaming loudly. Apparently, my brother was awake and asked why I screamed. I told him the story of the cockroach. I begged him to help me kill that cockroach. He sighed, went to my room and noticed how toxic the smell was. He asked why I used Baygon so much, and I only responded with shivers. When he saw the cockroach, he grabbed a broom and smashed the cockroach a few times until it died. "You could've done that, you know. The broom was on your room." he said. I thanked him a bunch of times until my brother was tired of hearing it.  He went to his room and I went to mine as well. I tried to calm down but I was still afraid that there would be another cockroach passing by, so I stayed awake until 3 AM. Apparently, there's none, so I fell asleep and thankfully, my dream didn't contain any cockroach.

Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Conversation About Meeting New Friend


Before a party...
Figlia   : "Hasya, Hasya! Help me find a bathroom in this place!"
Alfina  : "Are you speaking to me? Sorry, but I'm not Hasya."
Figlia   : "Oh no! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to call you, I'm so sorry!!"
Alfina  : "Relax, it's fine!"
Figlia   : "Alright then. May I know your name, please? I don't want our first meeting to be nothing                    but awkwardness."
Alfina  : "Sure! My name is Alfina. What about you?"
Figlia   : "My name is Figlia, nice to meet you!"
Alfina  : "Nice to meet you too. Where are you from?"
Figlia   : "I am from Padalarang."
Alfina  : "Oh, that's pretty far from here! I'm from Kopo by the way."
Figlia   : "Come on, that's far away from here as well! "
Alfina  : "I never said I lived nearby, haha. Where are your school?"
Figlia   : "My school is 3 High School, located on Belitung Street number 8."
Alfina  : "Oh, you went to the same school as me! By the way, what class are you in?"
Figlia   : "I am from X Science 12. And you?"
Alfina  : "I'm from X Science 16."
Figlia   : "No wonder why we never met before, our classes aren't on the same flo- hold on, I have                      a message on my phone."
Alfina  : "Hey, isn't that Blur? On your lockscreen?"
Figlia   : "Oh my God, you know that band too? How did you know them? Do you like Blur as well?"
Alfina  : "No, I don't like Blur. My sister loves them though. She always plays their songs loudly. I                      don't know much about them, except for the woohoo song. It's pretty catchy.
Figlia   : "Song 2? I love that song! But Beetlebum is my personal favorite, along with My Terracotta               Heart. Ahhhh I love Blur so much!!"
Alfina  : "Ugh, I don't know any of those songs!"
Figlia   : "Sorry, I can't contain my love for that band. Hey, the party is about to start!"
Alfina  : "What about bathroom?"
Figlia   : "Oh yes, I forgot! Let's find the bathroom first! Will you help me?"
Alfina  : "Okay, follow me!"

Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

About Me

Greetings, all. My name is Figlia Sophia Azzahra, but you can call me Figlia. I am a student of 3 Senior High School, from X Science 6. I'm very anxious so I apologized if I ever come as a very awkward person.

I was born in Bandung, February 2, 2002. I am 15 years old as I'm writing this post. I was a student of Merdeka Elementary School and 5 Junior High School. I was a very talkative and active child, but that all changed when I went to junior high school. Alright, I'm done with personal stuff, now let's talk about my interest and such.

I am obsessed with Gorillaz since I was in 7th grade. It's a band, you should search it on Google. I could spend paragraphs and paragraphs talking about why I love that band but I chose not to because I am 100% sure you'll be irritated and annoyed. I love Blur as well (coincidentally, both Blur and Gorillaz have Damon Albarn in it) but I am a new fan of that band so I don't really know much about it, at least not as much as I know Gorillaz. I like Lana del Rey and Lorde as well, although I considered myself as a casual fan. Other things than music that I love are Adventure Time and Villainous. My hobbies are drawing and watching YouTube videos.

I think that's quite a long introduction, I hope we can become friends! Especially if you have the same interest as me because wow, it's so hard to find people in the same fandom as me. Sorry if this post is pure cringe. See you next time.